2019 Calendar On Sale

We're proud to announce our 2019 Calendar is now available for pre-sale!  It will feature several of the best photos/photographers from the Birds of Texas Facebook Group and will be delivered to you by the Holiday Season.  These will make great gifts as well as wonderful keepsakes.

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Birds of Texas Gear

Interested in Birds of Texas gear? We're creating a line of shirts and hats to help members show their love of birds.  More info coming soon.

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Tours, Trips, and Tips

Birds of Texas will be partnering with professional birding tours to recommend the very best in Texas birding experiences for all levels of expertise.  We'll also be offering how-to's and tips for those backyard birders, up to aspiring National Geographic photographers, and everyone in between!

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Birds, Birds, Birds, and more Birds

We have a dream of sharing our love of birds with all generations in Texas and beyond.

Whether you are new to the joys of birds or an old hat at birding, we hope you enjoy all that this website has to offer.  Birds are everywhere and most of the time we're not even aware of their presence.  But once you begin to notice them, you'll also begin to see birds you've never seen before, in your own back yards!  The miracle of migration makes Texas one of the best places to observe birds.

Through this website, we plan to expand on the success of the Birds of Texas Facebook page that has over 30,000 members.  Facebook has it's limitations and with our website we hope to expand the value to each member's visit with rich and relevant content, including amazing photos, articles, blog posts, video podcasts, and much much more.

So no matter whether you're an expert or novice to birds and birding, birdsoftexas.com is the hottest place to hang out with your Texas birding community.  As part of being a member of this community to enhance your interests in birds, please sign-up for our newsletter.  We promise it will have informative and exclusive content that you'll not find on the Facebook group.  And of course, spam is a pet peeve of mine so we'll not send out the newsletter more than once a week.

Thanks for visiting and joining us here at Birds of Texas!  -Barry

Snowy Egret being showy
Snowy Egret being showy

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