Welcome and Bird Up!

Welcome to the new website to complement the highly successful Birds of Texas Facebook Group!  And our slogan is “Bird Up!”, which is a take on the urban phrase Word Up, that really means an enthusiastic agreement about birds and birding.  I look forward to bringing to our members a sense of community and take that culture to the next level.  Keep visiting this site as we will be bringing a lot of cool things to keep you informed and entertained.

Happy Birding and Bird Up!

-Barry Noret

4 thoughts on “Welcome and Bird Up!”

  1. I am so glad that Warbler Woods is receiving a portion.

    Voluntary donations at the Sanctuary do not come near to meeting operating costs. Seed alone exceeds 5 gallons a day!
    Don and Susan Schaezler’s hospitality and geniality are surpassed only by their generosity.

  2. As someone who loves photographing birds myself, I’m thinking why would I need this calendar when I could make my own…

    Well because when I think of all the joy and knowledge I’ve received over the last few years from the BOT group and all of the great friends I’ve met along the way, the small price of these beautiful calendars is nothing in comparison. And the best part is the proceeds benefit 2 great causes that could really use the help! So I don’t mind saying if you can be a part of this, order up, in fact with this many members and so many organizations that truly help our beautiful birds, I think it should be an ongoing thing, so many fun ways to raise money and help make a difference!

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